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Beautiful and Terrifying: Westworld


Having already seen the Westworld movie, I was privy to the premise and very excited for the television series.

However, even with my high expectations, they’ve still been blown away. Although the exploration of artificial intelligence is well-covered in science fiction at this point, they appear to be pushing for something even greater and more esoteric than that of what it means to be “alive,” who’s our maker, and the meaning of life.

They’re exploring subjects of free will, freedom, sexuality, violence, cruelty, and morality, but even so, even within the narrative of the story itself, one of the main characters, the “Man in Black” (played by Ed Harris), is searching for an even deeper level to it all, because even after 30 years of exploring the world, apparently the most wealthy and seasoned of all “players,” the “Man in Black” is still unsatisfied, and convinced that there is more to be unlocked, more to be asked and answered.

The show is so intensely captivating, it’s very depressing that each episode must end. I want it to go on and on and on…

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