A Very British Halloween: Retailer Review 1 — TK Maxx

TK Maxx Store Review 2017

Reluctant participation… that’s how I would describe the attitude of most UK retailers toward the Halloween season.

They participate, but you always get the feeling that many of them would rather not be devoting a section of their store to spooky novelties that will only be sold for a limited time. In America it’s a day that is celebrated in a BIG way, with a wonderful array of merchandise that starts to appear in shops many weeks before October 31st, but here it’s just not the same. Enthusiasm is often lacking.

When you love the Halloween season as much as my family and I do, it can be quite frustrating to go online and see what’s available across the Atlantic. In the UK you have to hunt a little harder to find the good stuff, and over the next few weeks I’m going to show you what I discovered in stores near me.

We start with TK Maxx, which I believe is called TJ Maxx in America. The store in my home town is pretty big, and when it comes to Halloween products it’s nearly always one of the most enjoyable retailers to visit first, simply because what they stock is guaranteed to be weird and wonderfully garish.

My wife and I were there on Saturday afternoon, and here’s a look at what we found …

TK Maxx Store Review 2017 - Display Table

TK Maxx Store Review 2017 - Stone Skulls

TK Maxx Store Review 2017 - Skull and Bones

TK Maxx Store Review 2017 - Grim Reaper and Head Stone

TK Maxx Store Review 2017 - Water Globe

TK Maxx Store Review 2017 - Skeleton in Coffin

TK Maxx Store Review 2017 - Poison Bottle

TK Maxx Store Review 2017 - Prop Headstone

TK Maxx Store Review 2017 - Dead Doll

TK Maxx Store Review 2017 - Brain Cupcakes

TK Maxx Store Review 2017 - Metal Pumpkin

TK Maxx Store Review 2017 - Horror Display Stand


A good selection of fun ornamental indoor items in the medium price range. TK Maxx have had bigger and better Halloween displays than this in previous years, but what they did manage to bring in was pleasing and cool to browse through.

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