A Quick Glance at Texas Chain Saw Massacre DLC

A bit pricey, but fun.


Find review of the full game here.

New maps, family, victims, executions, outfits, and weapon skins, but they ain’t cheap. Fortunately, I get review copies for free, but if I had to pay, I don’t think I would.

I understand the base game is only $40 and it isn’t cheap to maintain an online game (bugs, stability, and server costs) and sustainability of the project probably relies on people buying add-ons. That said, I still think it’s all overpriced. $10 for new characters, $7 for executions, $5 for outfits. I think -$3 on all those would be the right price.

Out of all the DLC, I think Nancy is the most interesting and worthwhile to purchase.

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