What to Do for an Awesome Halloween Costume on a Budget (sponsored)

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There are many awesome ways of creating an awesome Halloween costume on a budget! There are several because everyone has their way of doing things.

Many people can make an awesome costume from scratch. Some customers buy a pack of clothing and add their accessories, while others buy or piece together a pre-made outfit.

This article will walk you through the different ways to make a fantastic, cheap Halloween costume, whether it be handmade or store-bought.

DIY Your Costume

Homemade Halloween costumes are cheaper to make than store-bought ones. But if you want one that looks amazing and unique, don’t fall back on the old standby of wrapping yourself in toilet paper (unless it’s this way). Consider these options instead:

  • Shopping your closet. Examine what already exists in your house. You might get surprised at how a few changes can turn something ordinary into something that looks fantastic.
  • The internet is your friend. A Google search will reveal plenty of creative ideas for homemade costumes; your imagination and budget are the only limits.

YouTube has an abundance of DIY tutorials to help you make the perfect costume. You can also find ideas on Pinterest, craft sites like Instructables, and even some retail sites such as Amazon (check out their “Crafts & Sewing” section), Jo-Ann Stores, Michaels, and Oriental Trading Company.

Ensure the costume you choose fits well and is comfortable, so you can enjoy the evening and not end up at the emergency room with hypothermia or blisters. If it’s cold or warm outside, wear layers underneath your costume so you can adjust as necessary.

Break Up the Cost Over Time

You know you’re going to dress for Halloween, but pulling together a costume for yourself (and maybe your significant other) can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

If you’re in the mood for something simple like gaming on £5 deposit casinos with friends, it’s easy to put together a low-cost costume with things you already have around the house. But if you want to go big, you’ll need to start planning and shopping early.

Most Halloween costumes come with a hefty price tag. Whether you’re buying one piece or putting together pieces from around the home, online shopping is the easiest solution.

The trick is to find ways to break up the cost over time. For example, if your office has a dress-up day for everyone who participates in an October 31st party, that could be when you buy your mask and face paint.

If your costume requires multiple pieces, organize it by material type to purchase all your fabric. This will help cut shipping costs and provide more options — if the place you want doesn’t have the right color or size in stock, another website might.

Hit Up the Thrift Store

The thrift store is a great place to start your costume planning. You can find many pieces of clothing that can get repurposed and used to create a unique costume. And if you have a party or two on the horizon, the best part is that you won’t feel bad about spending money on something you’ll only wear once!

If you’re going as a group, hit up the thrift store with members of your party. Having multiple people at the store looking for pieces will make it more likely for everyone to find something.

Rent a Costume

Consider renting one this year if you’re looking for a high-quality costume that won’t break the bank. There are a surprising number of online and brick-and-mortar stores that offer rentals.

How to Rent a Costume

When you rent a costume, you get the full kit: hat, shirt, pants, shoes, and any accessories needed to complete your look. You’ll generally have an option to purchase the costume if you fall in love with it (or if you’d rather not have to put together a costume next year).

Rental periods are generally brief — just enough time to wear the outfit for Halloween (give or take a few days). Some retailers charge a flat fee for rental, while others charge per day.

The Costumes You’ll Find

Because of the limited window for use, many stores that offer rentals stick to classic themes. Expect to find many animals, mythological creatures, and superhero costumes from popular movies like The Avengers.

Check Out Your Local Halloween Superstore

You’re likely to find everything from costume makeup to accessories and clothing for your costume. While these stores have their place, beware that the items you purchase may not be ones you can use again after Halloween is over. And because these stores carry all the same items, everyone who shops there could end up with the same costume as your kid!

Look Through Your Closet for Pieces to Start With

The cost of a DIY Halloween costume varies, depending on the items you’ll use to make it. The best way to save money on a handmade costume is to look through your closet, find items you already have, and repurpose them into your new look.

If you need to purchase something new, do some comparison shopping at thrift stores, estate sales, and discount retailers first to see if you can find the item for less.

Find Inspiration

Before creating your costume, look at photos of characters and people online who might be a good inspiration for your costume. If you’re struggling to come up with an idea, ask yourself questions like: What’s my favorite movie? What’s my favorite color? Who do I admire? You might be surprised what images pop into your head when you start brainstorming.

Get Your Halloween Costume Today!

Remember these tips when looking for a Halloween costume to get the most bang for your buck and make your money go as far as possible with new casinos not on Gamstop. But don’t forget to keep an open mind — you never know what creative spooky character you might come up with next. Just know that if it’s not original, no one will remember it.

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