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    How old is too old when it comes to trick or treating???


    I’d say you’re never too old! However, society might have a different opinion on that.

    I think anyone of any age, considering they’re still in good walking health would have fun trick or treating, but we all know how most would react to a 40-year-old for example walking up to their door saying trick or treat, they’d likely give them a piece of candy quickly and close the door or refuse.

    I think for those of us that have children that’s about the only way to “safely” enjoy the tradition anymore.

    To put it in a number, probably 13 is close to the social cut-off.


    I hate to restrict Trick-or-Treating but if you are over 4.5 feet tall maybe you are too old (even if you are only 11 or 12). We had some pretty tall and scary (full mask or hockey mask) “kids” at our door and some of them scared me. If I had been alone I would not have answered the door.


    Haha, I’ve certainly scared a few parents in my day. ;)


    i think any kid up to teenagers should be aloud to trick ot treat its all in the fun and teens still love to have fun as long as its all good and everyones gaving a good time!!!!! ive had older teen boys and girls come by i dont turn them away everyone loves candy and dressing up i cant beleive there are adults tht would tell kids your to old to be trick or treating personnally i dont mind!!!!!


    I’ve trick or Treated in my late teens/ early 20s and only had a couple ppl question my worthiness of their candy. Personally I get a little nervous when a group of teenagers are out trick or treating nut I wouldn’t refuse them candy. I think if you put in a good effort to get dressed up for trick or treating then you deserve some candy. Teenagers that think they are tool cool to dress up but not too cool to beg for candy are lame and should stay home. When you’re dressed up it’s trick or treating, when you’re not then it’s begging.


    What Black said. If you’re rather short, you can just cover up your face to trick or treat. I sometimes go out with my nieces for that nostalgic feeling.


    Who told you this?
    no one is too old to celebrate any day, it’s your life live it, enjoy its every moment.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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