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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with you how happy I am to have tried ps3 game “The Walking Dead”. In this game you get to choose your destination, your characters that you want to interact with and the scenarios. For example in the beginning you must save a child home alone left in a tree house hiding scared from the zombie break out. As scared as can be imagined by zombies in the house your character goes into the house and checks out the house. You can click on the phone to hear a message left by the adult parents frantic for their child left behind. While trying to snoop you hear a voice and while looking around you discover the voice coming from a walkie talkie in the kitchen drawer. While talking to the little child voice you hear you look out the kitchen window and see a child in a tree house hiding. Encouraging this little girl it ok to come in the house, you get more information and safely let the child in. In a matter of seconds you feel something completely wrong and turn around to see a zombie. With the chosen instructions to the little girl she quickly passes you a hammer outside so you can rid the vicious starving walker. While getting dark outside you convince the child to befriend you and leave with you to move to a safer place. Both the child and yourself return carefully outside walking slowly checking over your shoulder. When your character and child reach the gate at the driveway you notice a car that has a man stranded and you talk to him with reluctance describing why you are there with a child. Based on your decisions of your character you get into the car and drive of to a farm to discover more characters and more zombie troubles all while protecting this child.It’s a game that changes based on your choices. Be careful and don’t make the wrong ones!


    I am a big fan of TWD.. I played this game on my Iphone. I liked it but only got to play up to a certain point because it was a free version.I didn’t buy the full version because not a fan of playing it on my phone but maybe I will get it for my PS3, I didn’t know it was available for that console.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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