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    The Secret World (TSW) is an MMO . You start off being put into a dark apocalyptic setting where the whole world has gone to hell and you need to survive. You’ll choose a faction and be sent on missions but the world is free to explore and there are some missions that will test your intellect ( or ability to Google search and there are actually a few websites on the web made specifically for you to find to further yourself on your mission) .There are areas for those who prefer PVP gameplay. Your character will have magic abilities but also a selection of weapons to choose from.
    This game is not for children,It would be too scary and there is some pretty foul language in some of the videos that play.
    It used to be subscription but not it’s free to play if you’ve purchased the game.


    Unfortunately, I’m a console gamer. I say unfortunately, because there is a lot to be desired with console gaming, which we’re now finally getting closer to the computer gaming experience with Xbox One and PS4.

    I love console gaming, because I love playing from a comfortable, versatile wireless controller on a big screen TV, from my couch. Sitting at my desk staring at a tiny screen using my mouse and keyboard just feel too awkward.

    If I could combine the comfort of console gaming, ease-of-use (nothing to install or specs and settings to worry about) with the massive versatility of computer gaming, better online experience, community, modding and the massive extensibility and the access to a lot more games it would be perfect.

    I think I remember actually reading about The Secret World, getting excited about it and then realizing it was computer only. :(

    Just to be sure, I’m not knocking computer gaming, I despise that argument almost as much as the Windows vs Mac fanboy feud, it’s more of a can’t teach an old dog new tricks scenario.


    Maybe some day there will be a console that is the perfect blend of both

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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