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    I don’t know if there are others out there like me, but I swear it doesn’t matter where I am or where I’m living, there are moments when my skin tingles and I get that creeped out feeling for no reason at all. It’s like my body knows something more than what I do. Is it sudden spirits coming near? But if that’s the case wouldn’t my dogs know my house is haunted? Is it the overactive imagination of writer? Could be. But I think it’s something more. What does everyone out there think? Am I crazy and making myself nuttier or am I sensing hauntings without realizing it?

    Author Jesse Kimmel-Freeman


    We still don’t even fully understand our own bodies or minds or what everything is for or has the potential for.

    The pineal gland (third eye) is really interesting. Just by thinking about it I can make it tingle. I know for a fact that we can sense when someone is watching even if we cannot see them.

    As a child I remember freezing and looking up at a pitch black hallway, convinced that someone was watching me, I stared for a long time not being able to see anything, but having that obvious what I know now to be “fight or flight”, I went to investigate.

    When I walked into the darkness something jumped out at me terrifying me so much that my legs basically just buckled and I fainted. Turns out, it was my cousin playing a trick on me. But, as to how I knew he was there, could be one of the known 18 senses (that’s right, there are around 18 scientifically documented senses, not the common 5 that most are aware of).

    Keeping in mind that those are only what we’ve discovered so far, we’re far from having all the pieces. So things like ghosts, different dimensions, communication, telepathy, sensory and so on can eventually all be founded in real science, we just aren’t there yet.

    What’s the saying or famous quote, “The supernatural are elements that simply haven’t been discovered by science yet.” – or something to that effect.


    18 senses?! No way! People start looking at you funny when you talk about the sixth sense! LOL. What do the other 13 do? Are they active all the time or is it something that functions more in some people than others? Fascinating!

    Author Jesse Kimmel-Freeman


    You can look it up, but the best example that isn’t sight, smell, touch, sound or taste is spacial coordination. Close your eyes and then touch your nose. Keep in mind this isn’t touch or feel, it’s the ability to find your nose without visual assistance. While blind people certainly rely on sound, this is another sense that becomes one of their primary senses.

    Most people could probably close their eyes and navigate their house as that grid + muscle memory is pretty much burned into their psyche.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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