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Safe Halloween celebrations.!!

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    Hello all,
    So, since Halloween is nearing, I was just planning things. Last year, was a bad Halloween for us. There was a small mishap, mainly because we were careless. We had a costume themed party, and my daughter was wearing a long dress, and it was actually a bit big for her. She slipped on her dress and fell from the stairs. She was hospitalised for several days. Since then, I am really scared when I think about the Halloween day. And, this time, I’m really going to be careful. I was just googling to know some safety measures to be kept in mind, and found this blog,, and it pretty much covers all the things to be kept in mind. I think this is really important, because in the festive mood, we might actually forget or miss out some things, which can later prove fatal and cause mishaps. So, feel free to share what you all think about the safety measures. Let’s all have safe celebrations this time.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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