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Has anyone ever lived in a haunted house?

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    I had some strange things going on in a house I lived in back in the 80’s in Wausau, WI. Things would go missing and then all of a sudden re-apeer sometimes a few day’s later, and sometimes never. Also something would touch you. A slight brush across the butt most of the time. I thought I was crazy until it actually happened to my sister-in-law at that time too. Leave some stories if anyone else has some please.


    I remember walking into the laundry room of the house I lived in when I was around 14, and hearing:

    Hello. Are you there? Can you hear me?

    In a muffled/vibrating way. It was so clear that I was frozen in terror. I finally got the nerve to look around, shifting my eyes very slowly, keeping my feet in place and noticed that the window was open. When I saw that, my fear subsided by about 50% thinking, oh it’s just one of my friends standing outside the window in the flower box. I crept over and peeked out the window and saw nothing, then slowly walked backward out of the laundry room and was hesitant to go in there late at night thereafter.

    Later, just behind the garage that was directly connected to the laundry room, I found an old gravestone. Unfortunately, this was still at a time when not everyone carried around cell phones and digital cameras everywhere, all the time, otherwise I would have taken a picture and done some research on the name and the history of the house.

    Note that neither the washer or dryer or even the heat or ac were going, it was otherwise dead silent.


    I have lived in a home that maybe wasn’t haunted but was definitely occupied.
    It always had a bad vibe to it .It was on a large lot way in the back and the thought that was always in my head was ” no one can hear you scream” which was sort of true.creeped me out.
    My sister in law after moving in with us reported a shadow man in the small hallway that connected 2 bedrooms ( one being mine) and had the bathroom in the middle. I never saw the figure myself. What I saw was a misty, swirly mass of shadow that was usually high up near the ceiling. It wasn’t a one time thing or I’d have dismissed it. Years later , while we no longer lived there my husband told me that he had woken up too early one night/morning but before falling back asleep he saw was sounded like that same shadowy mass hovering over me in the bed. Talk about Creepy D= .
    In that same bedroom I saw and heard some things one night. Past the foot of my bed I saw a blu-ish smokelike image. It was what looked to me like the head of a woman with medium length curly hair and she ( the head) appeared to be laying on a surface that i could not see and was looking upward and if that alone wasn’t scary enough, the head started shaking back and forth and then I heard a scream. It was very loud and then the silence afterward was deafening. I think I asked my husband if he heard it but he was asleep.
    I lay there in that silence, my ears felt like they were ringing but there was no sound . In that room I’ve also felt what I thought was the cat touching my arm and then realizing the bedroom door is closed and there is no cat in there . and I’ve heard voices but just one time. It was several women talking at the same time and I have no idea what they said.
    I was pregnant so i think that is why I had those experiences. We didn’t have any lights flickering or things flying across the room.Nothing I would consider haunty.


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