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    Hello, I have created a Halloween video game for Halloween lovers to enjoy all year long especially on Halloween.

    The game works on Windows 10. You need a decent computer to run the game. If you have the correct hardware you can run the game in Virtual reality.

    We have a town level where you can roam around and go trick or treating, perform various missions like vandalism and light candles to scare away ghosts, find missing people and more.

    The other levels act as mini horror missions, we have 8 in total. examples are haunted house, haunted forest, slaughter house, House party and a lot more.

    We have a DEMO for free with 2 levels to try and if you enjoy our work, then consider supporting us so we can create more Halloween adventures.

    We plan to create a multiplayer game in the future if we can get funded.

    Links to demo and Main game.

    Please share your thoughts on our game. thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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