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    So last year I decided to do a sugar skull to my face. I really like doing fantasy make up, I just get an ideal and run with it. Well it was really last minute and I needed a white foundation, first i tried everything I had around the house so i didnt have to leave. Well I go to the local drug store and grab some white cream make up, which i didnt want grease because of smudging. Im going to post a picture of it on here from last year It was my first attemt at doing it. Well it turned out good, but when it dried i noticed cracking.. lol.. actually by the time the night was over i looked like a Zombie Sugar skull.. it would have stayed if i didnt talk, eat or drink anything.. lol. Okay getting to my point this summer I was getting my 4 year olds face painted at a festival, and i noticed how smooth and bright the white face paint was, so i had to ask where she got her make up from and told her my little story above. She suggested Wolfe Fx Paint, she said it covers great even over black. So I went home and Googled(Yes, I said it) it. I found some really nice things on clearance. They were mini packs, with one colored cake make up, and 3 crayons. I just wanted to try them out i didnt want to purchase a huge amount and if i liked them i would order more. Well I ordered a couple different mini kits, one sponge and a paint brush. My daughter decided to be a Monster high girl, she chose Skelita Calveras, she is a day of the dead. So I got to try the sugar skull out on her. It turned out great the white went on smooth, I was able to use one white cake from the mini pack on her face 4 times, this year we had a great year to wear out our costumes.. lol. Not only did i do the white to her face, but also my own, my friends son as a skull and I used it at work on a couple of kids for little tattoos. (Halloween party, they knew I dig this stuff!) So the white alone full face coverage 5 times on children and One adult application, i still have a little left in the corners. I also had a aqua and it was bright. My only grip is about the face crayons, I feel like im gouging some skin, i used it on my own face and i didnt feel a thing but the way it grabs its not smooth. If your looking for fine lines, i suggest getting Eyeliners(stick, so you can sharpen it) wet and wild works for me, depends really on how much you want to spend. Liquid eyeliner solid black or with glitter will help create really cool movement with seamless edges which is really smooth at going on over any face paint, since the paint will tend to be harder to apply dry colors on.


    That was a first attemt at her face, the cell phone didnt show alot of the detail. However if you look at the comments i was able to post pictures of close up shots, that was the third time I was able to do it, I tried different tech ways each time. I really couldn’t find away to attach my picture from last year. sorry :(



    Feel free to share any relevant links of where we can learn more or buy these makeup products. The spam filter might get you, but I’ll save you. :)

    Also, have you ever considered perhaps sharing painting techniques on YouTube?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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