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    Ok, so bittersweet (not the chocolate)…corny I suppose, but that’s what “taste” this holiday brings for me.
    Ever since I was able to dress up like whatever I wished that one day a year, I did! There was nothig that could hold me back from being someone/thing different for a day (night after school stopped letting us dress up, idiots). Anyway, I treasured that day and still do. I’m 28 yrs old during this frightfully exciting night this yr, and it will be one of the few times since being an adult that I cannot do anything Halloween related besides kitchen towels, paper plates and napkins. Why do I have to go without my favorite holiday? Work, I am doing the right thing and not calling out as much as it kills me.
    I love Halloween & so does my boyfriend (nightmare before christmas is his favorite). We’ve decided that even though we can’t dress up and have fantasy life for a night that we’re going to celebrate it until Thanksgiving. We’re going to watch scary movies/shows whenever we’re not working because we are so dedicated to Halloween. I love all things halloween; every decoration excites me: bats, skulls, witches, every scary movie, costumes (of course)… I get more excited & full of adrenaline for this day than a kid about to open a present on christmas morning. Halloween is one present I will always be anxiously waiting to unwrap..
    So, sweet as it is watching everything Halloween, bitter is not being able to participate…10/31/2014, its a date ;)


    Not corny or weird or strange in a bad way at all.

    Nostalgia is very powerful and smell is the most powerful sense of all that can elicit vivid memories or feelings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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