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Aliens, Ghost, or a Genetic Disease?

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    Let me start off by saying that this never happened to me. But it happened to my mom and my big brother.

    When I was younger my mom would talk about the “blue light.” Of course it freaked me out and I had to ask her not to talk to me about it (I scare easily even as an adult!).

    What she always told me was how a blue light would come into her room and she’d wake up frozen to the bed. But it never gave her a bad feeling- quite the opposite. Instead, it would fill her with good feelings. She called it her “angels.”

    No one else ever saw it until my brother was spending the night on the couch and the blue light filled the hallway and woke him. Being frozen scared him extremely. He never really talked about it other than it freaked him out.

    My neighbor used to talk about a similar happening when I was about 5 or 6. He said it was angels.

    So what was it? Angels, aliens, ghosts, or some strange genetic ailment that my neighbor suffered from as well? I never saw any light, I think I would’ve died if I had, but it’s still something that lingers in my thoughts.

    Author Jesse Kimmel-Freeman


    If it wasn’t for multiple people experiencing it, I would say it sounds like sleep paralysis:

    Which one of my friends also experienced growing up. Other than that, there’s always the possibility that they were all teasing you, the neighbor playing along even.


    I know a lot about sleep paralysis because of its association with vampires. I’d say they were but there’s no timeline connection. My brother didn’t even know the neighbor. And my mom and brother never got along well enough to pull something off like that. It was just so strange. There are YEARS between people even mentioning it. The neighbor was when I was about 5ish, my mom was in my early teens and my brother was in my late teens. My brother wasn’t really around when I was young. So I can’t say it was a team up.

    Author Jesse Kimmel-Freeman


    What was the area, rural, urban…?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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