The Best Horror-Themed Online Slots in Poland (sponsored)

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Horror-themed slots have always been popular in land-based and online casinos alike. Horror is a genre that is loved by people of all ages. We love horror movies, haunted houses, scary video games, and scary slots. Why? Because we love the adrenaline rushing through our veins without being in actual, physical danger.

Slot game makers are going out of their way to make new horror slots and in this article, we are going to talk about some of the best ones out there. Polish iGaming expert, Klara Czerwinska talks about her favorite ones that are certainly worth trying out. You can find out more about Klara by clicking here.

Blood Suckers

This NetEnt game is not a new one — it was created in 2009 but it is still super popular among slot players. The graphics of the game are quite classic, and this makes the game feel like a land-based casino’s slot game. As the name suggests, the main characters of the game are blood-sucking vampires. The game features a vampire-slaying bonus whereby you have to open coffins to find and slay vampires. During the years, Blood Suckers has earned somewhat of a cult status, however, if you are after a new version, you can try out Blood Suckers 2.

If you prefer a game where you can somewhat influence the outcome with your decisions, try poker or online blackjack. Although these games don’t fall into the horror category, they will certainly give you an adrenaline rush.

Lost Vegas

This Microgaming title features zombies — another horror theme favorite. What makes this game special, apart from the bone-chilling characters, is that it can be played in two different modes — you can choose to take the role of Zombies or Survivors. Creepy slots are often set in creepy places, and in this case, the game takes place in an abandoned and dark Las Vegas casino. Special features, such as the Blackout Bonus and the Zombie Fist of Cash can trigger randomly, bringing you cash prizes. This game was released in 2016. If you are after new games only, check out new slots and casino games available now in Poland.

Wicked Circus

Some people are freaked out by clowns more than by zombies or vampires. If you belong in this group and you do want to be scared, play Yggdrasil’s Wicked Circus. The game may seem innocent first with the usual fruit symbols spinning on the reels, but don’t let your guard down because the creepy clown may appear at any moment! Accompanied by spooky circus music, this game may unsettle some people, though, in comparison to other horror-themed slots, it is not that scary.


Halloween is a Microgaming slot that has been very popular since its release. Many slot game producers have themes around Halloween but this one was based on the original Halloween films featuring the iconic character, Michael Myers. The Trick or Treat Wheel Bonus feature can bring you cash prizes or you will give you a chance to play the Boogeyman mini-game which is a classic click and pick round where you need to pick autumn leaves that hide larger prizes. Warning: you might want to keep the lights on for this one.

Day of the Dead

In Mexico, the Day of the Dead — or Dia de Muertos — is the equivalent of Halloween. This slot game was developed by IGT and it is a somewhat lighter take on horror. So if you are after a very scary game online, you better stick with the first two titles on our list. That being said, this game has plenty of potential and it will introduce you to Mexican culture while skulls and skeletons fill your screen. The colorful images and the demanding design of this game make for a pleasant gaming experience while you are waiting for the free spins to be triggered.


As you can see, there are plenty of games to choose from even within the horror genre. Skeletons, zombies, vampires, clowns, you name it. The best game producers all make scary slot games because they simply rule!

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