The Last of Us


The Last of Us Part II Review

Read my review of the original The Last of Us. It’s like a time capsule. That was so long ago now (2013), that my writing quality, grammar, and structure have greatly improved since then. I’m seeing lots of criticism regarding the woke/SJW/LGBTQ/whatever aspects of the game, so I want to nip that in the bud

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The Last of Us Part II — Reveal

The Last of Us was a watershed moment in video game history. Gaming had become more cinematic for a long time, but nothing quite at the true level of a substantial dramatic and emotional film had been achieved in video games. Like what Breaking Bad did to raise the bar for television, The Last of

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The Last of Us: Left Behind

I spent an absurd amount of time messing around in the Halloween store. It’s moments like this in video games that I find the most delightful. Here’s a glimpse…

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Manhunt 3 Inevitable with the Success of The Last of Us

As a huge fan of both the original Manhunt and the recent Last of Us, I can’t help but notice the strong similarities between the two games. No, I’m not making this snap judgment based on the simple fact that they’re both difficult, stealth games with violent, horror aspects, it’s much deeper than that. Whether


The Last of Us Review

For a long while now, the line between cinema and video games has been blurred. I can tell you, after just finishing The Last of Us, the line no longer exists. I’m a fairly avid video gamer and video game stories have been getting better and better, but this is the first time a video