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Horror & Sci-Fi: Helping Us Cope with Reality

I don’t think any other genres can cover social commentary and widespread fears the way storytelling in horror and sci-fi are able to. There’s just something so rich about these genres that allows for the best palette. I think the heightened reality and poignant themes really illustrate complicated issues and ideas well. As pattern-seekers, we’ll

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Why Do We Have such a Powerful Emotional Reaction to AI in Science Fiction?

I’ve always been deeply, deeply affected by AI (Artificial Intelligence) in fiction. Blade Runner, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, and Humans are especially important examples because they express the potential for goodness and connection more so than the dangers of enslaved humans as depicted in films like: The Terminator and The Matrix (also very important AI movies).

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The Lesser-known “Masters of Science Fiction”

We all know about Masters of Horror, the cool horror anthology idea where the creators and producers gave a group of horror writers and directors their own episode where they could pretty much do whatever they wanted with it, within budget of course and within reason on the amount of nudity and violence they could