Halloween Foods

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Dexter’s Blood Slides

Forensic analyst by day and serial killer by night, Dexter murders evil criminals who slip through the cracks of Miami’s defective judicial system. He then places a drop of their blood on a glass slide and tucks it away in his slide box. Create your own “trophy case” of edible slides this Halloween with this

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The Eyes Have It

Are you ready to work a little magic in the kitchen this Halloween? Serve up this spine-tingling recipe that is easy on the eyes and sure to delight your little devils. Ingredients 1 package of miniature powdered-donuts 1 can of cherry pie filling 1 package of Life Saver Gummies 1 package of Skittles 1 package

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What’s the Scoop? Eyescream

I’ll scream, and you’ll scream as you devour this eyescream. To make 16 sets of these gut-wrenching, no-mess treats, you’ll need: 1 gallon of vanilla ice cream Strawberry syrup 1 large bag of M&M’s Black icing pen Ice cream scooper Wax paper Cookie pan Directions: Step 1 Scoop the ice cream into balls and then