Charles Manson

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Six Upcoming Projects Relive Manson Family Murders

It seems that not a year has gone by in the past several decades where Charles Manson didn’t resume his status as a hot topic of water cooler discussion, and this week he once again proved his enduring relevance with an announcement that he’s getting hitched. Yes, Charles Manson is getting married in prison next

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The X-Files Meets Charlie Manson in Aquarius

Now that Californication has wrapped up, we’ll be seeing David Duchovny pick up the gun again and return to grittier roots, as a once-again law enforcer, tracking down the Manson Family in the new TV show Aquarius (coming in 2015). This is going to be fun.

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The Fearless Vampire Killers

Fearless Vampire Killers is part comedy, part horror, but in all honesty, the “comedy” aspect of it (while I did have a few laughs) actually just adds to the creepiness of it. Even more eerie, was to watch Sharon Tate (real life wife of director Roman Polanski, who plays the female lead Sarah) perform in