Surprise Halloween Gift Ideas for Your Employees (sponsored)

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Everyone loves a good surprise every now and then. One of the best ways to improve productivity in your workplace is to motivate and encourage your employees. Gifting is one of the main acts that can show someone how much you appreciate and value them. It has been a norm to give each other presents during special occasions such as birthdays and major holidays such as Christmas. Halloween gifting has also been in existence, and we are going to look at some of the gifts you can give your employees during this holiday.

Surprise Halloween Party

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As they go about their day-to-day activities in the office on Halloween day, your employees might not be expecting this surprise. To throw the best Halloween party, you can seek the help of professional party planners to help you pull it off. Since most of them probably have parties to attend in the evening or are planning to spend Halloween with their families, make sure the party is scheduled for early afternoon to accommodate their schedules.

You can do a survey beforehand to find out some of the things they like, like favorite meals and cake flavor. Make sure you include drinks and a few Halloween games to lighten up the occasion. This is a good way to socialize with your employees and get to know them better.

Gift Baskets

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On the morning of Halloween, get to the office early and place gift baskets on your employees’ workstations and sit back and watch their beautiful smiles as they settle in. The gift baskets can include sweet treats such as chocolates and cupcakes and a unique present for each individual.

One of the most common gifts from boss to employee is leather cases for their electronic devices. You can also gift them with wine bottles to take home to their parties. Flowers are also a good addition to a gift basket.

Gift Vouchers

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Most companies give their employees gift vouchers at the end of the year, but you can surprise them on Halloween. They can use the vouchers to buy whatever they like or even buy presents for their loved ones. This can work for you if you do not have the time to buy them presents or you are just not good at gifting. Make sure that the gift voucher is for their favourite retailer and not just any retailer. A gift voucher just requires your signature and you still get to show your love and appreciation.

Customized Gifts

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There is nothing more delightful than receiving a gift that has your name on it. Surprise your employees with customized gifts such as engraved jewelry or perfume packaged in custom perfume boxes. Some might see it as being a bit much, but the mere fact that you even know their names will make them very happy. This shows that you are in sync with your employees and will guarantee you that “world’s best boss” mug.

Paid Vacation

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Ask your employees to clear their pending work and schedules for a short weekend vacation on Halloween weekend. This does not have to be on the actual Halloween day, so they do not have to be away from their families on Halloween. A fully paid vacation will help them relax and take off the edge a bit.

It is also good to spend time with your employees away from the office in order to get to know them on a more personal level. This is where they will be able to open up to you about the challenges they are facing in their personal lives, and you can help each other. Ask your vacation planner to include other fun activities in your package to make it a memorable experience.

Employee Bonuses

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Giving your employee a bonus on their salaries on Halloween month can motivate them to achieve the sales targets that month. This is a good surprise as it is not a common gesture among many bosses, Starbucks will help you earn extra points with them. Bonuses are a good way to improve productivity in the workplace.

A General Office Gift

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This can be in the form of a coffee machine. Most of your employees hardly get time to have a morning cup of coffee before leaving the house due to the morning rush. A fancy espresso machine in the office can be something they look forward to as they come into work. They get to enjoy their morning coffee and save the money they could have spent to order from Starbucks.

You can also add lunches to your office provisions and save them lunch money. For those who have been complaining about faulty office desktops, surprise them with new machines to aid in their work, win-win.


Employees are of great value to any organization. However, there are bosses who see them as just workers and not people who can actually be friends. If you want your business to thrive, you should learn how to make your employees your number one priority. You do not have to give them gifts to show your appreciation; you can arrange to take them to trade show displays in Las Vegas and spend the day with them outside the office.

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