Most Iconic Horror Costumes to Try for Halloween (sponsored)

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If you love the Halloween season, and you want to wear a great costume, you should get the very best horror movie influences available to you. However, there are thousands of characters that you could choose from, so you should try out the best. Here are some of the most iconic horror costumes to try for Halloween.

Jason Voorhees

If you want to look menacing, without having to break the bank, you should try out the Jason Voorhees costume. The costume is iconic, yet it is also very cheap to emulate. If you are going to dress up as Jason Voorhees, all you need to dress up with is a simple janitor’s outfit, a kind of jacket, and a hockey mask. Aside from the overall outfit, you should also make sure that you get Jason’s iconic weapon right.

If you want to make your Jason outfit as realistic as possible, you should make sure every detail is on point. Aside from the janitor’s outfit, you should make sure that you get your jacket on point. If you want your jacket to be on point, you should try out Fangyuan jacket makers. The company is well known for selling custom windbreakers wholesale. If you want to make your Jason costume more efficiently, you should make sure that you give the Fangyuan company as many details as possible.

The Headless Horseman

If you are going to invest in a more expensive, yet equally iconic movie villain, you should invest in a headless horseman costume. The best thing about the headless horseman is that it is very visually-stunning. There is something very scary about a headless ghost that wields a sword and an axe.

The tricky part of setting up a headless horseman outfit, is that you should not show your head for the outfit. You can solve this issue by making the torso a lot larger. You should also do your research on the type of clothes that were worn during the American revolution era. When you make the axe and sword combination for your headless horseman, it is a good idea to invest in rubber ones that are still highly realistic. It is best to forgo the real ones because they are somewhat too dangerous, and you won’t be able to join parties or go trick or treating.

Patrick Bateman

If you want a more conventional, yet just as scary costume, you should try dressing up as Patrick Bateman. The main character of the American Psycho film should look like a typical businessman. You should also look more like a normal person. The only difference is that Patrick Bateman is a psychopath, and he is very particular about his appearance.

First things first, you should remember that Patrick Bateman is a very vain individual. So you should slick back your hair in a very formal manner. You could also invest in some skin care to make sure your skin looks as translucent as possible. To further add to the effect, you could also use false eyelashes to give you a more feminine and alluring look.

If you want the best types of lashes, you should try Starseed makeup, which is one of the top eyelash manufacturers in the USA. Just be careful when you apply the lashes. Make sure that you put on gloves or use a hand sanitizer. This will help stop eye infections.

Freddy Krueger

One of the most terrifying, yet easiest costumes that you could use is the Krueger outfit. The Freddy Krueger outfit is by far the most iconic villain in the ’80s. His burned face is very well-known, and a lot of stores sell masks for costumes. The striped shirt he wears is easy enough to find, along with his hat and green pants and black hat. His most iconic piece of equipment though will always be his claws. He wields claws that are both long and deadly, and it could be a bit tricky to make a pair. However, there are some stores that will still sell you replicas. They can be a bit on the expensive side though.

Samara (Sadako)

If you want to create a lot of shock value, you should really try out the Samara outfit for the Ring films. The best thing about the Samara or Sadako outfits, is that it is easier to emulate. If you are going to dress up as the Samara or Sadako outfit, it is important that you get all the details right. Samara (Sadako) should have long, black hair that reaches almost to her feet, and a dress that is pure white. You should use makeup to make your face as white as possible.


If you want to dress up as the most iconic movie monsters in the world, you should dress up as Count Dracula. The legendary Count Dracula is known all over the world, and there are so many horror films that Count Dracula is portrayed in, so it is difficult to choose a version. However, the most iconic version will always be the one with the coat tails and cape that was worn by Bela Lugosi.

The Wolfman

If you want a more extravagant costume, you should try out The Wolfman outfit. The Wolfman outfit is one of the most iconic horror characters in the world. If you are going to dress up as The Wolfman, you should make sure that you get all the details right. Remember that The Wolfman is an extremely detailed piece, and will require you to buy a realistic Wolfman and full body wolf suit.


If you are going to use a costume for Halloween season, you should try out some of the most well-known horror movie characters. With these tips, you’ll be able dress up as some of the most iconic horror characters ever.

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