Make Your Child’s Halloween Safe, Fun, and Magical with Master Illusionist Mark O’Brien at His Magic Factory! (sponsored)

Mark O'Brien has always been using his magic and illusions to celebrate Halloween!

Magic Factory Halloween 01


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In 1988, he produced a major event, sanctioned by the State of New Jersey, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Orson Welles’ Radio Broadcast of the “War of The Worlds.” Welles set his famous Martian invasion in Grover’s Mill, New Jersey. O’Brien transformed the Mercer County Park skating rink structure into a giant spaceship complete with high-powered lasers and special effect lighting.

Inside he created a theater and presented his “Extraterrestrial Deceptions,” complete with world-class illusions enhanced by lasers. Most impressive was the fact that he produced the entire event within four weeks as well as obtaining sponsorship from the Warner Lambert Company, and it entertained tens of thousands during Halloween. Clips from this show are seen in The Magic Factory Halloween.


Magic Factory Halloween 03

Maybe you’re a Mom or Dad that might remember Mark O’Brien from his many appearances on Nickelodeon’s Television Saturday morning variety show Total Panic. His appearances, which totaled over 1 hour, included one Halloween segment where Mark turned a black cat into a witch.


Magic Factory Halloween 04

Maybe you are one of the thousands of New Yorkers that saw Mark’s “Terror Maze Horror Factory” that played U.S. State Fairs before arriving at Madison Square Garden as part of their “Scare Gardens” attraction during Halloween in 1997. And now you might have children of your own.


Magic Factory Halloween 05

Halloween 2020 is obviously very different this year and really scary especially for children. Before taking his illusion show to Germany for two seasons, O’Brien produced a 30-minute television program for families and children to enjoy Halloween. We forgot all about the video until now said O’Brien. The Magic Factory Halloween is the perfect video to help families enjoy a fun, safe, and exciting Halloween during the pandemic! Mark shares his secrets for exciting Halloween fun and provides some interesting stories.

There is amazing magic and illusions and Mark teaches you some really cool tricks to do at home with household objects! Included in this video are also tips for Halloween safety, costumes, haunted houses, and parties. The video is suitable for ages seven and up. This year Mark and his son have remastered the video with new clips and a new soundtrack, making it the perfect way to enjoy family fun during the Pandemic.

The cost of this video to the general public is only $10.00!

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