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Like Resident Evil 7 Itself, the DLC is Phenomenal

End of Zoe — Swamp Man

While I ended up not finding the time to write about it at the time of release (something I need to work on), Resident Evil 7 was a very remarkable game that I wanted to write about. In fact, and although Resident Evil 4 was my long-time favorite as is the case for most other fans, Resident Evil 7, along with being a first-person experience (something I’ve come to cherish for a more captivating and atmospheric gaming experience), just pushed the right buttons for me (chainsaws help) and has become my new favorite Resident Evil game in the series.

Concerning the story-based DLC, it ended up being about a year’s wait from the original release of the main game, but well worth it. In my opinion, it has the scariest RE monster since Nemesis, Swamp Man, from the cooler of the two new DLC campaigns, End of Zoe. This monster was absolutely terrifying and intimidating, which had me breathing funny and saying: “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…” End of Zoe also majorly delivers on what was oddly hinted at quite a bit, but completely omitted from the main game, gators!

Not a Hero was also very enjoyable and answered some important questions we were left with at the very end of the main game. Enjoy some snaps of my journey through both below.

End of Zoe

End of Zoe

Not a Hero

Not a Hero

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