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From the Archives: Friday the 13th Crash Magazine Cover Art 1985

Crash Magazine Friday the 13th Cover Art

Toy adverts, movie promos, magazine articles, random clippings – I’ve collected them all over the last 35+ years and now it’s time to pull them out of the darkness and get them digitally immortalized online, so future generations can study them, ponder them and hopefully shout “COOL” every now and then …

Today I present the Friday The 13th cover from ‘Crash Magazine’ No. 23, published December 1985. Crash was a UK magazine dedicated to covering every aspect of the ZX Spectrum home computer system and each month it would feature some fully painted original cover art by a very talented gentleman called Oliver Frey.

The game itself was – not good, but this cover rocks, and despite being just ten years old when it was released I was wise enough (or weird enough), to carefully rip it from the rest of the magazine and keep it within the archive!

Crash Magazine 23 1985 . Friday The 13th Review

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