Download the Classic 1988 Chamber of Horrors Tape

Chamber of Horrors Tape


Like Dinosaur Dracula (who I have to give credit for releasing it waaay before me), I too had this tape and listened to it quite a bit as a kid.

I actually still have the original tape from that time, but 3-4 years ago, as I was archiving old videos, CDs, and tapes, I digitized a copy for my own personal use. As far back as then, I was tempted to share it with you here on Halloween Love. However, I’m always careful not to infringe on other people’s works, and without being able to track anyone down in order to get permission, I just back-burned the thought.

In that time though, I’d have to say I’ve done an excellent job of due diligence on the matter. Here’s everything I could find on the copyright holder, Tony (U.S.A.), Inc.:

Tony (U.S.A.), Inc.
Founded in 1985, Tony (U.S.A.), Inc. was a small organization in the game and toy manufacturers industry located in Encinitas, CA. It had 7 full-time employees and generated an estimated $570,349 USD in annual revenue.

Perry Feuer (now in his 80s)
Solana Beach, CA — Previous President for Tony (U.S.A.), Inc.
Perry Feuer has been associated with one company, according to public records. The company was incorporated in California twenty-two years ago and is no longer active.

Joseph Ferguson

681 Encinitas Blvd #313
Encinitas, CA 92024

717 Santa Rosita
Solana Beach, CA 92075

Phone: 760.632.5393 (disconnected error)
Email: tonyusa@aol.com (no address found error)

The company (#C1933608) is listed with a status of: “Surrender,” which means “The business entity surrendered its right to transact business in the State of California.”

The short version is what I had essentially assumed all along, the company is long-since defunct. Now, just because a company becomes defunct, doesn’t mean that Perry Feuer as an individual isn’t still the copyright holder, or that some other company didn’t acquire them and now owns the rights. It also doesn’t mean that the works have fallen into the public domain.

That said, without any commercial intentions, it is my good faith belief that sharing this fun recording with you will not harm anyone. Should anyone have any more information about the issue or if the current copyright holder comes forward, I’d of course remove the download at your request, but I’d also love to learn more about the history of the company and tape. :)

If you’re uncertain about downloading the digital copy, but really want to check it out, your alternatives are to listen to the YouTube upload from Dinosaur Dracula:

Or try and snag an original hard-copy from eBay.


Chamber of Horrors Tape

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