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Conversations with Ed


Hello! I’m Jen the Strange, and I am here to translate some information from my good friend Ed (not alive, RIP) who is here to answer some questions about ghosts, life, the afterlife, and everything in between. Let me introduce Ed. Ed is a musician and a writer, but I think he is especially fond of writing. He is in general a fan of the arts. He has been a big support for me, especially when it comes to understanding art, how it applies in my life, and finding inspiration all around me.

We are writing this post because Black came up with some inquiries that we thought would be interesting in answer.

There are many great flaws in this creation of ‘god’ (whatever that means to you), or the simulation we’re in, or whatever reality actually is. Why indeed is the design so bad? Why do we exist at all? Why do we need others? Why are our vehicles so vulnerable?

First, let’s start with the first statement. “There are many great flaws in this creation of ‘god’… or the simulation we’re in, or whatever reality actually is.” It’s an astute thing to think about, and I want to thank Black for bringing this up. Ask yourself, why are there so many “flaws” in your life? Do you think that maybe your perception of them as flaws has something to do with your perception of life in general? What we call flaws are actually more like gadflies, philosophically speaking. They urge us in the right direction. Sure, it’s rough. It’s not always fun, but we always find a lesson in the flaws. So the next time you ask yourself, “Why is this happening to me?” Maybe stop to ask, “Why should this happen to me? What am I getting out of this?”

Okay, going back to the “simulation” thought. (We’ll talk about “god” in a moment.) It is sort of like a simulation, right? This is a playground for learning and experiencing. Once you see that, you learn to appreciate all the lessons that are there to unfold for you. Even the bad ones.

Why do we all exist? We have always existed. I think when people hear the word exist, they think of one thing ending and another thing — POOF — becoming. Existence is constant. I’m sorry if this sounds a little confusing, it’s just so limiting to explain it in English. If I could show you a picture, it would be a continuum.

The design isn’t bad. Why do you think you’re bad? If you’re referring to bodies, bodies were never meant to be forever. But guess what is forever? Your energetic body. And your energetic body is intrinsically linked to your physical body. The more you know about your energetic body, the better you can care for your physical body. If you have a pain or feel sick or nauseous, look at your energetic body. If you can start from there, you can find out how to heal yourself. So sure, your body will degrade over time, but if you think about how your energetic body can affect your physical body, you can work towards a healthier lifestyle. For instance, maybe you can eat more fruits instead of indulging in sugary substances. Wouldn’t that automatically make you healthier?

Why do we need others? Because we’re all here to learn. We all have a common goal, and that is to experience, both love and pain. To know conflict, experience joy, experience hate. All the goodness and sadness and grief. I’ve known a lot of grief, but I am learning even now how to overcome it and why I needed to feel it. It can be hard to understand why we suffer, but it is so important to know some amount of suffering so you can understand some amount of joy.

And lastly, “god” is not creation. God is like a library. Where do you think we put all that information? Hi, God! So don’t see God as like this overlord in your head. God is everything we’ve been working towards. And God is us.

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