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Images related to Halloween, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or the bizarre.

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Image of the Day: Ghoul-Aid

Things are actually starting to get a little weird on this front. I’ve become a bit obsessed with Ghoul-Aid, which apparently has been discontinued (and I never got to try it). You can find it in candy and Jammers form, but other than vintage packets on eBay, you can no longer find the Ghoul-Aid single

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Image of the Day: “Cemetery Deer” by Marilynn

This is our first ever “Image of the Day” post, and it comes from our very own Marilynn. In the photograph, we see several deer, each seemingly having chosen their own grave to lay on. But why? I would imagine the cool grass has a lot to do with it, but perhaps there’s a scientific

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Awesome Art of the Day: “It Just Popped in There!” by Ape Meets Girl

I’m a big fan of the clean, minimalist style lots of fan posters have at the moment. Rich colors and detailed silhouettes are being combined by many talented artists and the end results can be mind-blowing at times. This new regular feature is called Awesome Art Of The Day, and the word ‘Awesome’ is the

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Awesome Image of the Day: Serial Killer Barbie

DeviantART member Maggie Ramey aka LaggyCreations, has used her artistic skills to create this wonderfully horrific Barbie that most of us would probably love to buy if such a thing was ever released! ‘Serial Killer Barbie’ comes with … A severed head, brain in a jar and of course, her flesh mask. Please remember that