Where to Begin if You Have Questions About the Supernatural and Paranormal


In modern times, with the internet at many of our fingertips, our curiosity on everything from the trivial to the life-defining, is often quenched very quickly, with just a few clicks.

Although there is a wealth of knowledge on all subjects, most reputable sources of information break up the world into two main categories:

The Natural WorldThe measurable, physical, scientific world.


The Supernatural WorldThe mythical, imaginative, fictional world.

I have questions; I would like to begin exploring the unknown. I’m not sure I wish to begin that exploration on the premise that anything supernatural is only that of bedtime stories, but rather, from a more open-minded place.

I don’t like to make assumptions about things I do not understand. To me, the supernatural is only what we call something we’ve yet to fully understand, at which point, if we did come to understand, would be relabeled into the natural world.

In terms of what we’ve discovered about our own reality and the universe, while certainly mind-blowing at the individual level, as a species, we’ve only just scratched the surface, grabbed the low-hanging fruit if you will.

At the same time, I of course also understand that a lot of folklore, urban legends, etc. did come from our own imagination and fear of the unknown, to help us deal with parts of our world that science had not yet explained, and that we needed to explain or control somehow for our own collective sanity.

Are ghosts real?

To me, is just as valid as:

Is time and space infinite?

While that might seem like an unfair comparison because the former may only be accounted for by witness recollections and the latter backed by math, to me, I see these as two things that many people, far more intelligent than myself, believe to be true. But, to me, I have no experience or comprehension of either and the possibilities of both blow my mind.

The only thing I know to do is to start asking questions. There are many things I’m curious about, and chances are, most people will never experience anything unknown, unless they look for it. Honestly, the same is true of the known world, there are many things most people will never experience, unless they look for it.

With that said, the only way I know to start looking, is to start asking, and the only way I know to do that, is to start what I hope will become a safe, friendly, and open-minded community for anyone to begin asking these very kinds of questions:

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