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The Paranormal Halloween in London

Here are shorter days, cooler mornings and naked trees. Fall has come, marking the onset of the Halloween. In London, you can experience a deluge of events and attractions that would incite and kindle your fondness for fear. Get indulged and get frightened – enjoy the remarkable journey of terror.

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated on the 31st of October. It originates from the Christian holiday All Saints Day and the Celtic festival of Samhain. Today, celebrating Halloween has become a craze. People wear strange costumes, carve their faces into pumpkins, recite ghost stories, pay a visit to the spooky and well-known haunted attractions and watch their favourite horror movies.

There are a number of events and special attractions that are organized during the Halloween day. People from all age groups participate with full fervour and have a nice time.

Here are some must-to-be-visited events and places in London if you’re looking for an eerie celebration.

Scream: Located deep within the Madame Tussaud’s, Scream offers a petrifying experience. Things get scarier when visitors are taken into a prison taken over by unhinged inmates. Be scared, very scared!

The Torture Garden: The Torture Garden Halloween Ball offers the best experience of a ghostly night. There will be radical performances and lampoon cabaret. Participants are asked to follow a specific dress code every year to match the live music and eerie art installations. In the end, you will surely feel your heart hammering in your chest.

Tower of London: Your Halloween vacation would remain incomplete without visiting the origin of Britain’s goriest and bloodiest tales – Tower of London. The Tower of London has witnessed numerous murders and bafflingly ghostly happenings.

London Bridge and Tombs: This is a place where London experiences Halloween almost, everyday. There are frights which you cannot afford to miss out. There is the Garden Angel Show, face painting and pumpkin carving to witness.

Hampton Court: The incorporeal and un-dead take shelter not only in and around the Tower of London. They are known to saunter the Hampton Court Palace as well. There are many things like the “Screaming Lady” (ghost of Henry VIII’s 5th wife) and “Skeletor Ghost” to occupy your mind with terror.

Ghost Stories: Want some terrifying theater experience? This is the place to be at. It is a chilling production house from the League of Gentlemen’s Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman. They will ensure that you get terrified.

Thorpe Park: The Thorpe Park is decorated into a harrowing prison. The main attraction here is “The Passing”. A dark and disturbing interactive maze where a visitor is treated as a death row criminal just about to be put to death.

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