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To Stream or Not to Stream? Last Shift (2015)

It would be an understatement to say the world was rocked by the Tate-LaBianca murders in 1969, which were orchestrated by Charles Manson. Decades later, we still can’t stop talking about the murders or Manson himself, and countless movies over the years have derived inspiration from the horrific acts his followers carried out. For his

To Stream or Not to Stream? Kristy (2015)

The reason fans still can’t stop talking about Eli Roth’s trailer for faux film Thanksgiving is because it filled a gap left behind by a serious lack of Thanksgiving horror films over the years. Unlike Christmas, horror movies set on Turkey Day are few and far between, and films like Blood Rage, Home Sweet Home

To Stream or Not to Stream? Creep (2015)

The found footage sub-genre has developed a pretty poor reputation over the years, which is somewhat unfair to the gimmick. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the filmmaking style that is the problem, but rather the fact that most filmmakers are using it to tell the same generic stories. Creep, exclusively available for instant streaming

To Stream or Not to Stream? Jug Face

Like countless horror films, Jug Face begins with two attractive young lovers frolicking in the woods, eventually tearing their clothes off and doing that thing so many slasher movies have taught us that it’s totally not okay to do… ESPECIALLY in the woods. But Jug Face isn’t a slasher movie, and in fact it’s quite

To Stream or Not to Stream? Haunt

Presumably referring to the criticism being heaped upon his latest film, Deliver Us from Evil, writer/director Scott Derrickson tweeted something out over the weekend, which really stuck with me. “A good movie doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel,” he wrote, “but it does have to roll it well.” What Derrickson was essentially saying is that

To Stream or Not to Stream? V/H/S/2

Despite my love for anthology films, I put off on watching V/H/S/2 for an entire year, due to the fact that I was largely underwhelmed with 2012’s first installment. I found V/H/S to contain more misses than it did hits, and I was all around quite unimpressed with the short films that comprised it. Now

To Stream or Not to Stream? Toad Road (2012)

With so many horror movies available for instant streaming on Netflix, it can be hard to decide which ones to watch and which ones to ignore. Believe me, I feel your pain, and it’s never fun to waste your night on a movie that totally sucks. In this new feature here on Halloween Love, we