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How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

While there’s no perfect time for a zombie apocalypse, Halloween may be as close as you’ll ever get … at least for those who have prepared properly. When else can you wear a costume or carry items that can help you survive the zombie attack, while still fitting in with the rest of the partying public?

If you want to enjoy the Halloween parties and festivities, while also having a preparedness for the possibility of a zombie apocalypse, there are some smart choices you can make. Have fun while dressing appropriately, and you’ll be ready for anything on Halloween night!

Smart Costume Choices

It all starts with the costume choice when you’re looking to fit in on Halloween while keeping a zombie attack in the back of your mind. Choose carefully while considering these options for costumes.

Camoflauge: As we learned in The Walking Dead’s season one with Glenn and Rick and again in season five with Carol, dressing like a zombie can help you hide in plain sight. Coating yourself in the putrid zombie pieces and fluids in which to drench your costume may drive away other human party goers, but you’ll be free to move among the zombies without detection.

Clothing: Tight skirts, flowing capes, and long swords will look great at a Halloween party, but you’ll pay for that look when trying to run away from a zombie herd. For example, the “sexy wench” and “hunky pirate” costumes probably won’t be the best choices. Keep the clothing tight to your body, so it can’t be grabbed easily, but make sure you can move freely.

Weaponry: As shown in the attached infographic, selecting a costume through which you can make use of zombie-splattering weaponry as a natural prop is a smart idea. Golfer, archer, hockey player, baseball player, or lumberjack costuming all will allow you to carry a helpful weapon without looking too out of place.

Trick-or-Treat Options

If you want to attend parties or trick or treat in an area where you’ll have the best chance for surviving a zombie attack, there are plenty of options, whether it’s a military-level outpost or a low-population state park. You have several options for trick-or-treat areas, where you also should survive the initial wave of an unexpected zombie attack on Halloween.

Blue Ridge Mountains, Va.: If the Mount Weather Emergency Station is safe for government officials during a terrorist attack, it should be good enough to ward off the zombies.

Burnet County, Texas: The underground caves in Longhorn Cavern State Park will provide a labyrinth in which to hide from zombies.

La Costa Island, Fla.: While zombies can walk underwater, an island still provides reasonable security from most zombies, such as what’s found at Cayo Costa State Park.

Latimer County, Okla.: Jesse James used Robbers Cave State Park as a hideout in the past, and zombies never caught him.

Stokes County, N.C.: The Hanging Rock State Park has been used as a high-ground scouting area and shelter since the Revolutionary War.

Washington, D.C.: The Capitol Visitors Center is rumored to have a safe room to protect against any kind of attack, whether from soldiers or zombies.

Waynesboro, Pa.: Rumors place the Raven Rock Mountain Complex at the center of a military-grade protected underground site, designed to withstand attack.

Making Smart Trick-or-Treat Choices

If zombies strike, the first people you should help to save are the most helpless people – children – and that goes doubly on Halloween.

After all, you can be a hero for saving children, while at the same time having access to a bag full of the child’s trick-or-treat candy that can help you quickly recharge your energy levels as you’re running away from the relentless herd of zombies.

Furthermore, keep an eye out while trick-or-treating for the extremely uncool houses that give out toothbrushes, dental floss, apples, or similar non-perishable foods on Halloween, rather than candy.

For one reason, once word gets around to the kids through social networking, those houses will be avoided like the plague by other trick-or-treaters, meaning they’ll have extra supplies when the zombies strike. And two, those houses obviously contain practical people, which means they, like you, may be well prepared for the zombies to strike and can band with you and your little trick-or-treaters to fight back!

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