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5 Wicked Ways to Haul Halloween Loot

Sometimes a happy little Jack-o-lantern treat bag doesn’t fit with your child’s Halloween costume.

If your son has magically morphed into Freddy Krueger or your daughter decided to channel her inner Lizzy Borden, complete their Halloween outfits with equally macabre Halloween treat bags to match.

Toxic Waste Bag

Nothing says “delicious” like a pint-size zombie or Frankenstein hauling a bag of radioactive suckers and chocolates. Transform a cloth reusable shopping tote into a bio-hazard waste bag by adding toxic waste stickers to the fabric and tying yellow caution tape to the handles as decorative streamers. Nobody will try to steal for your child’s candy bag.

Evil Bat Bag

Is there a witch or Ozzy Osbourne lookalike in your Halloween night entourage? Pair them with a fang-toothed black and orange bat treat basket.

Dead Head Bag

Serial killers and mass murders like to show off trophies. So, why not tote around a pretty little head all evening? Use an old mannequin head from a retail supply warehouse or beauty school to haul the Halloween loot. Simply invert the head, paint a red jagged line around the base of the neck and use the neck cavity as a bowl.

Creepy Spider Bag

Does your kid want something different for a treat bag, but just can’t decide? A long-legged spider bag personalized with the kid’s first name is the perfect option. It’s black, uncommon and totally unique to your child. Perfect!

Axe Murderer Bag

If your child insists on carrying around a plastic axe or machete to go with his costume, create a simple trick-or-treat bag to match. Grab an old pillowcase and splatter it with fake blood from a Halloween store. Then show the child how to carry it over his shoulder, as if toting around body parts from a recent kill.

The countdown is on! Is your little goblin ready for Halloween night? Tell us in the comments below what beastly incarnations your children will resemble this October!

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