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4 Easy to Create Halloween Decorations!

Halloween is one of those special occasions where scaring your friends, neighbours and family is actually encouraged! It’s also the perfect time of the year for those willing creative souls amongst us to get to work on the Halloween decorations (whilst the rest of us work out the recipe for the Halloween punch!)

If you’re expecting an abundance of ‘Trick or Treaters’ this year, or perhaps you’re hosting a Halloween party, here are 4 fantastic, easy-to-create Halloween ideas for decorations that you’ll be able to create quickly and cheaply.

Glow Stick Parade

This idea is perfect if you have bushes around the front of your house, or even your backyard if you’re having a party out there. Just take a kitchen roll and, with a pair of scissors, cut out a pair of scary looking eyes along one side.

Then crack a couple of your standard party glow sticks and tape them securely inside the roll. Tape either end of the roll up with non-transparent tape so no light will escape from the roll except through the eye holes.

Then place it strategically in the shadows of your bushes, so when night falls you won’t be able to see the roll itself, but the glow from the cut-out eyes will provide a spine-chilling demon stare!

And you needn’t stop at one pair of eyes. Experiment with different coloured glow sticks and different shapes for the eyes! Spooky!

Chicken Wire Ghosts

Chicken wire is utterly awesome when it comes to making ghosts! If you have a good sized garden then you can create almost any ghostly shape that from a distance of only a few metres will take on the form of a misty figure!

Just get your chicken wire and shape it into any figure that you want. Chicken wire is great because it can easily be moulded into almost any shape that you desire. Place them at the back of your garden and spray paint them with glow in the dark paint.

Shapes of figures work best, or get creative and only make the top half of a figure and suspend it in the air with a dark, thin pole. From a distance these creations will take on the form of misty spectres!

Glowing Balloon Ghosts

Another option for some really creepy ghosts can be achieved by simply cracking a green glow stick and putting it inside a white balloon. Once you inflate the balloon it creates a really eerie glow. Then just create any face you want with some black marker to create the face and stick the balloons either above your front door or in the corners of your rooms.

You don’t have to draw a face though. You can draw little spiders on the balloon or stick little plastic spiders on it too. Or if you want to get really creative then draw on Jack Skellington’s face or even Slimer from Ghostbusters!!

Graveyard at Home

A graveyard is a great addition to any front lawn during Halloween and is perfect for those that love to go the extra mile on All Hallows Eve.

Gravestones are an important – if not vital – part of any graveyard and they can be made easily enough with plywood, simply by drawing the desired shape and cutting out with a jigsaw.

Then apply a grey paint coating (spray paint is easiest) onto the plywood and then get into the details using different greys, whites and green tones to show age and mold. Painting little black spiders also helps add great details too – but ultimately it’s up to your own imagination!

Of course don’t forget the epitaphs, which can be just about anything you want! Funny is often best we find. Attaching your gravestones to the lawn can be as easy as attaching some stakes to the back.

If you don’t mind digging up some of the lawn then create little freshly dug up mounds in front of the stones by digging a shallow hole, placing something fitting (that you don’t mind getting dirty!) inside and putting the dirt back on top. Remember these graves don’t need to be to size! The gravestones themselves can be a few feet high and the grave can be only a few feet wide/deep.

And for those who want to go a little further , having bodies or mummies rising from the grave can add another scary effect too! Create the upper torso of a mummy with medical gauze wrapped around Paper Mache)

We hope these decorations provided a little inspiration for the spookiest day of the year! Have a great Halloween!

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