The Hunt for Red Witch: A Fellow Blogger

“Red Witch” is the pseudo-name of one of my favorite bloggers, who’s blog I’ve followed for several years now.

However, they’ve been MIA for over 2 years. While their last post mentions their needing to take a break, which I can completely sympathize with, I can’t help but wonder if they’re okay, and more so, even still among us.

More importantly, I understand the desire for anonymity in this fast-paced world of technology full of creeps (real creeps), rude people, spammers, scammers and the like. There doesn’t appear to be any direct way to reach out to Red Witch, and if they simply don’t want to be contacted I can respect that.

So, I ask, if you have any information on Red Witch or their true identity, DO NOT divulge any such information in the comments below, that is not what this post is about.

I can always be reached at If you know that Red Witch is fine, a simple email would be nice, but hopefully, if Red Witch (still being among the living) finds this post I’d love if you reached out to have a private conversation with me.

With that out of the way, this is a subject that I’ve become quite fascinated with. In today’s world, we’re so integrated into technology, how long could a loner (as an extreme example), who simply died on their couch in their apartment remain undiscovered?

I’m sure we’ve all at one time or another visited the social profile of someone we know has died, and it’s really kind of eerie.

But, let’s think of a premise going even further. Say you were a complete loner that never left your home and you did EVERYTHING online, meaning even all of your bills are automatically paid every month and that you had a large enough amount of money in your bank account to sustain for years.

Now, let’s say you simply died of natural causes just sitting quietly on your couch watching TV. Considering your bills kept right on getting paid, you have no friends or family that come knocking or concerned at your absence, considering anyone who could ever have a reason to come over simply knocked and left after no answer and were always appeased enough to never have a reason to break down your door…

You could sit there in this time capsule of your life just as it ended, for years, and by all appearances, to “the man”, still be very much alive. The idea already fascinated me, I’ve always had this interest in places, hidden places and realities and so forth, the horrors that could lie just on the other side of a thin wall. This very subject was covered in the documentary Dreams of a Life which you can watch instantly on Netflix.

I live very much inside my own head with these kinds of thoughts which seems more lucid and real to me than the “real” world outside, which feels like a place full of fakes and fear. Somehow, my daydreams and fantasies carry much more substance of meaning and of wonder to me.

Did you ever have a secret place growing up, a secret garden, old abandoned building, condemned house, cave, underground tunnels and the like?

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