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Ghostface In The Pasta & Other Random Madness : My Halloween Week In Pictures!

Halloween confession time – I actively avoided carrying a modern phone for years, but eventually I started to notice people pointing and laughing each time I answered my Nokia 3310 in public. I was mercilessly mocked because my phone could only receive phone calls! So six months ago I wiped the spit off my face […]

Attack Of The Monsters : Atmospheric Toy Photography With Added Bite!

In just a few short weeks we will find out if Gareth Edwards has broken the curse and actually made a giant monster movie in the Hollywood style that works. A movie that can contain, action, adventure, horror and scares without resorting to being cheesy and totally unfaithful to the source material. Godzilla is back, […]

Strike A Pose : Horror Action Figures Never Looked So Good!

Ok, try to picture the scene. A ten year old boy is in his backyard and with him is his large plastic box of Star Wars figures. He spends about 30 minutes digging a deep, circular hole in the dry, hard dirt under the grass then when he is happy with it he begins sticking […]