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VHS Visions : Treasure Hunting For Horror Promo Sleeves And Press Releases!

This past weekend saw my home town once again welcome the ONLY convention that reaches this corner of the UK – Dev-Con. It’s primarily a Sci-Fi and comic book gathering with plenty of dealers and the occasional guest who appeared in Star Wars for about ten seconds, but to a horror fan like myself there […]

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Stephen King’s IT : The French Book Covers That Need To Be Seen

This is either the greatest thing I have ever seen, or the worst … I just haven’t decided yet. I’m assuming in France they released IT in three volumes and to make collecting them a little more ‘fun’ they commissioned one large image to be painted that could spread across all three covers. The end […]

Taking It To The Next Level : A Chat With Homemade Horror Master Gabe LaPeer

Sometimes I look at the work of talented, artistic and skilled individuals and just think, DAMN … I wish I was naturally more creative! Normally I get that sensation with illustrations and artwork but the subject of todays article raised my envy levels to an all time high thanks to his incredible sculpting abilities and […]

Top Ten Coulrophobia Moments : AKA The Clowns That Freaked Me Out!

Clowns … They bother me! Today I’m counting down the 10 clowns that have freaked me out the most over the years. Some are typical horror movie creations, others just turned up in regular TV shows and films, but their appearances left a mark on my young mind and shaped an unnerving dislike for them […]