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Finding Fuchs Part 1 : HL Asks Joel Polis To Remember THE THING !

I’m going to keep this introduction short today, because what you are about to read below is just far too fascinating and awesome to be delayed by my urge to write ANOTHER love letter to John Carpenter. I could quite happily tap away on the keyboard and blast out two thousand words of worship right […]

Your Choice : Robert Tharp Cuts Open His Horror Top Ten!

After an extended hiatus I’m delighted to welcome back ‘Your Choice’ – and hopefully (with YOUR help) it’s here to stay. These are the articles that allow Halloween Love readers and ALL passionate horror fans from across the globe to reveal their personal favorite scary movies and most importantly explain WHY they feel so strongly […]

Interview with Chris LaMartina: Creator of WNUF Halloween Special

For non-lovers of Halloween and horror, it’s difficult to describe the appeal. Their misconceptions can run wild from us simply being sick, to something actually being wrong with us, that we might emulate what we see on the screen as if the movies we watch are guidebooks on “How to Murder”. The truth that we […]

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Ten Quick Questions With : Dieter Laser

Intense, intimidating, powerful and unforgettable – when he’s in front of a camera Dieter Laser is all of these things and much more. For nearly 50 years he’s been leaving a trail of memorable performances to be discovered and enjoyed as he continuously moves forward with the acting career he so passionately pursues. I first […]