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Art Attack : Bringing A Little Horror To The Familiar With Flavio Luccisano

Regular readers will know I have been looking into my past recently through articles I call ‘Inevitability’ … I gave them that name because when I look at what interested and excited me as a kid it nearly always had subtle traces of horror lurking within. Sometimes it might have just been a spooky character […]

Attack Of The Monsters : Atmospheric Toy Photography With Added Bite!

In just a few short weeks we will find out if Gareth Edwards has broken the curse and actually made a giant monster movie in the Hollywood style that works. A movie that can contain, action, adventure, horror and scares without resorting to being cheesy and totally unfaithful to the source material. Godzilla is back, […]

Elephant in the Room — Christine Elise McCarthy

Elephant in the Room is a series of interviews with people made famous by their roles in horror movies. But we’re not going to talk about that. Nope. We’re not going to mention those horror movies. We’re going to take a slight departure from asking the typical questions and instead delve into what their lives […]