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Rolling Stone Ranks the Best & Worst Horror Remakes. My Thoughts.

Few things inspire more heated discussion than the topic of horror movie remakes, with the mere mention of that dreaded word striking fear into the hearts of so many fans. Though remakes are of course nothing new, they’ve gotten pretty out of hand in recent years, and it seems that no fan-favorite classic is safe […]

AMC Spoiled The Walking Dead Last Night. Let’s Make Peace With That.

Spoilers below. Obviously. As expected, every entertainment website on the internet is talking about The Walking Dead today, in the wake of last night’s mid-season finale. There’s a whole lot of outrage, though it has nothing to do with the show killing off another main character. Immediately after Dawn shot Beth in the head, the […]

2014: The Year Horror Guys Took Hollywood by Storm

This past weekend marked the theatrical release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which proved to be a big time success both critically and financially. The film’s weekend total reached a staggering $94.3 million here in North America, making it the highest-grossing August debut OF ALL TIME. Couple those insane box office numbers with an […]

You’re On Your Own, Linnea Quigley

With memorable roles in films like Return of the Living Dead, Silent Night, Deadly Night and Night of the Demons, Linnea Quigley is no doubt a bonafide horror icon, and an actress that all of us fans have been highly entertained by over the years – us men, perhaps more than the women. You may […]

Richard Riehle: My Favorite Horror Movie ‘That Guy’

He’s been brutally killed by both Victor Crowley and Michael Myers, and he even popped up for a brief appearance in the latest installment of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. Surely you recognize Richard Riehle’s face, but don’t feel bad if you’ve never been able to put a name to that face. Over the weekend […]